Friday, July 15, 2005

The NKF Affairs

The Drama. The Court Fight. The Lies.
Everything you ever wanted to know about the NKF Affairs.
Proudly presented by Born on Ninth of August and Hysterical.


Special Thanks to for hosting the file

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audaciousjoy said...

Thank you so much for this entertaining piece of work.

"Fine...I'll go, and i'll take the tap."


Cloudywind said...

Thank you, audaciousjoy :)

Beng thought of all these funny words.

Glad you guys like it.

juliet said...

hey, chance upon this. i was soooo tickled. haha. mayb can try to add on abt the mass resignation? ;p i like e "peanuts" part and the tap part. hahaha. nice one :)

Tempest Blue said...

Came over from Lancerlord's link.

That was brilliant man! Kudos to you!

The last line was soooo funny!

majyo said...

you are soooo funny!!!!
muz introduce to my 'boss'

Anonymous said...

Many many thanks!

Please do another one on the "PEANUTS" ... you have talent!

Oxymoron said...

Hey! Nice clip man!

It will be funnier with real people dubbing it wahahah

keep up the good work man!

Anonymous said...

pleasseeeeeeeee, DO A Peanut one. It so damn funny! I've saved it in my PDA liao. CAnnot tahan sia!

Cloudywind said...

Thank you all for your compliments :)

I must admit that this idea was developed after watching the Taiwan's "無間道 - ipod version", so it's not really original. :P

But again, thanks to Beng for those funny words!

2nd part? Hmm, will have to ask Beng ( lah!

Anonymous said...

see a post in multiply and found that it is your work. great! -sebasong

Jeff! Lim said...

(like what i said to nineaugust) -

hey, man, just to say, great work!! Your work has been featured here...

Anonymous said...

my.. bandwidth exceeded.
guess I got to come back later

Anonymous said...

Good Job!!! Well Done.
reminds me of the CD-PRO series. Cheers

Anonymous said...

Best if it is with dailogue....anyway...good job!!! : )

rx78ntx said...


FusionStream said...

mind if i host this video on a server somewhere else(i'll give u the link if you want) and then post it on my blog? with credits of course... cuz ur server doesn't seem to have that NKF file..