Saturday, July 16, 2005

The NKF Affairs - Part 2

Why was the article written? Who was the contractor?
Who are there to help the patients? Who is KDF?
Part 2 of the NKF Affairs reveals all.

Proudly presented by Hysterical and Born on Ninth of August.


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This file is about 4MB. If you can't see the embedded video, here is this media file's URL: Link


fishaball said...

Entertaining. I saw Part 1 when a friend downloaded the clip.

Anonymous said...

Yes, everyone liked it in the office. But will this get into copyright laws, scenes from a movie thang?

Cloudywind said...

Hi all, I've heard from Beng that the host server's bandwidth had overflow. You can find out more at his blog - Sorry about it! :(

Pangy said...

Hi, I have criticism for your vid..

1st of all I would like to say nice things... it's good to have pple like you who speak their mind about current affairs..

but.. your vid sucks.
there's no speech, you din try to find some expert help to edit the lip movements so that they try to sync with the 'dialog' and the scenes chosen do not relate to the 'dialog'.

Maybe the video editing part is asking too much.. but surely you could have tried better to find scenes that made sense with the dialog.

And added your own (or friend's) voice to say out the words would really make it a much better vid.

Good try but it sucks.

Cloudywind said...


Anonymous said...

I like it very much... a good one.. even without the dialog

Anonymous said...

hi.. are you from hong kong?

Cloudywind said...

I'm 100% Made in Singapore!!! :)

Anonymous said...

You know a lot abt taiwan ?

Cirrus said...


papasmurf said...

did a wonderful job manz1..lolx...but the music really suits in well also! may i know where and hwat is the title of the OST that insert?

Anonymous said...

cannot download leh...