Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Kuala Lumpur Tips #1 - Time has stopped at the rest stops

Really... time has really stopped there.

If you were to go to Kuala Lumpur (KL) by coaches from Singapore, you can't avoid them. They are the rest stops. These are the places where all tourist coaches will stop for both the passengers and drivers to have a break.

Time can fly past all it wants, but nothing changes in these rest stops...

1. Toilets
They are still as dirty... the floor is forever flooded, and you can be rest assured there is at least one cubicle that will be choked and/or full of shit. And omg... and the smell... the whole toilet will smell just like a dirty and choked "lang kao" (drainage) that is filled with urine and shit. If there is toilet papers in the cubicle, it is considered a bonus already.

2. Food stalls
They are still selling the same old food... mee goreng, fish ball noodles, and fried whatever. The food are still as tasteless (or sometimes too "tasty", aka salty) and cold and suspiciously unhygienic. Oh, but one thing has changed. I think the prices has gone up...

3. Souvenirs stores
They are still selling the chicken biscuits, nutmegs, coconut candies etc. The only upgrade after all these years is that the pirated movies have been upgraded from video tapes to VCDs, and now to DVDs. One thing stays though. Whatever that you find in the stores are still much more expensive than what you would get from the cities like KL and even JB.