Wednesday, July 05, 2006

I am Singaporean - National Day meme

This is my share of the National Day meme started by Mr Brown and Mr Miyaki, inspired by the Molson beer "I am Canadian" commercial.

Find out more at Mr Miyaki's AND SO SAYS SINGAPORE article.

Listen to "I am Singaporean", Cloudywind's version!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for this. It touched me. I am one of those English only Singaporeans but thankfully i understood enough to know what you are saying. I laughed at the part where you said China joined the WTO because its soooo true :) thanks again for making my day with this podcast. Keep it up!

Mr Miyagi said...

Excellent! brown and I are touched by your podcast!

Cloudywind said...

Thks all for enjoying my podcast! :D

路人甲 said...

老老實實, 我中意你廣東話既podcast多過華文既. 你真係好有創作細胞啊~ 加油~!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm Yingzhen, a reporter for a local Chinese daily and I'm working on a feature about the "I am Singaporean" podcasts. Really like your podcast. :) Do email me at if you are okay with an interview? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

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